Cogent consists of nine best-in-class partner companies providing pumping and process equipment solutions for specific vertical markets.

Each company operates in defined regions with distinct management and sales teams.

Automatic Engineering, BRI, Catalyst, Vandevanter Engineering, Lee Mathews, Fluid Equipment, Vanco, iME Solutions, Water Technology Group

Cogent Companies


  • World Water Day - March 22

    There is no such thing as waste water; only water wasted.

    Half of the world’s workers – 1.5 billion people – work in water-related sectors. Water is more than just essential for health; it is vital for creating jobs and supporting economic development.

    This year’s theme for World . . .

  • March 5 to 11: Groundwater Awareness Week

    Where does 98 percent of the planet’s usable fresh water come from?
    What is 60 times more plentiful than fresh water found in lakes and streams?

    Groundwater is found beneath the water table under the earth’s surface.

    Why is groundwater important?
    Water beneath the land’s surface is . . .